The Portuguese Philatelic Society (PPS) was founded in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s. Our current membership is scattered throughout the world and embraces all walks of life. The PPS is dedicated to understanding and promoting the philately of Portugal and its former colonies. Our members regularly participate in shows and exhibitions at the national and international level. The PPS always welcomes new members: please see our membership page.

One of the benefits of PPS membership is the quarterly bulletin. As a forum for the membership as a whole, the bulletin is filled with specialised articles that clearly demonstrate the level of interest and commitment to the philately of Portugal and colonies.

The PPS holds an annual general meeting (AGM) in the UK in a location advantageous to as many members as possible. Every 5 years the AGM takes place in Portugal. The AGM  includes an auction, two competitive members’ exhibitions, and informal displays.

The current society officers are:

President Armando Rede
Secretary John Swan
Treasurer Francis Rodrigues
Bulletin Editor Armando Rede
Bulletin Distributor Armando Rede
Packet Secretary
Auctioneer Roger Lawson
Librarian Frits van Beekum
Webmaster Milind Kamat

You can contact them via this form or by clicking on the e-mail icon at the bottom of every page.

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  1. Its absolutely delightful to see the PPS website back in action and in much more attractive form !

    Best wishes,
    – Milind

  2. Dear Sir
    I am collecting Portuguese India Postal stationery & stamps last 40 years.I won Silverbronz in Portugue-98
    Exibution, in Portugl. My All Best Wishes to all philatelic collector of Portugal & potugues colony.
    With Kind Regards,
    Dhananjay Desai

  3. I am very happy to visit Phiatelic site. I do not have Site, My ENGLISH IS very poor. so please forgive me.
    With Regard
    Dhananjay Desai

  4. Dear Mr Miland Kamat,
    I received Your Mail, but I missed Your Mail Adderess. I have Portuguese Indian Postal stationery. If possibal I
    want to exchange With you so please Sand your want list. I will sand you my want list.
    With Regards
    Dhananjay Desai

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