Membership includes:

  • the quarterly bulletin (see a sample issue and the index of past articles),
  • exclusive products,
  • selling and buying lots in periodic auctions,
  • access to the library (see the catalogue),
  • access to restricted content on this site (like member exhibits).

The annual fee depends on your location (due to bulletin postage) and the currency used for payment:

Location Pounds (GBP) Euros (EUR) Dollars (USD)
UK £22 €26 $35
Rest of Europe £25 €30 $40
Rest of the World £28 €33 $45

If you wish to join us, please fill out the form in the About page, selecting ‘Membership’ as the subject. In the message area please provide your address and telephone, collecting interests, and whether you wish to join the packet mailing list. We will then contact you regarding the payment. Once the payment is received, you will be e-mailed a username and password to access members-only content on this site.

If you already are a PPS member, use the same form (or e-mail directly the webmaster, his address is in the bulletin) to ask for a user account. Once the Treasurer confirms your membership, you will get the username and password.

By requesting a membership and/or user account, you agree to not pass on restricted content to non-members and to have your name and country eventually published on this site as part of a members list. All other information provided will be held in confidence and be shared on a needs basis, e.g. with the Packet Secretary.