18 Apr

AGM 2022 : Glimpses

Happy to share some photos (Courtesy: Isabel Vieira) of the last AGM held at the Clube Ateneu in Porto, Portugal on Saturday March 26th 2022. This year marked the Diamond Jubilee of the PPS, which was founded in year 1962. Please click on the image to view them.

18 Apr

Bulletin 237

  • President’s message
  • Secretary Report
  • Cinderela Corner – Saint Anthony Matches:  By John Swan
  • A Letter from Porto to Remscheid,1853:  By Luis Rocha
  • The River Avizela and the Hot Waters (Opidus Calidarum) near Vizela:  By Claudino Pereira
  • Unlisted hexagonal date stamp / SANVORDEM:  By Francis Rodrigues
  • London 2022:  By John Swan

17 Jan

Bulletin 236

  • President’s message
  • Secretary Report
  • A cover from Funchal to Yokohama via Brindisi – 1881 :  By Luis Rocha
  • Captain F.T. Courtney’s transatlantic flight attempt (1928) :  By Francisco Luis Pimentel
  • Vila Nova de Famalicao :  By Claudino Pereira
  • PPS Bulletin No. 235 : A joke from philatelist distinguished :  By Claudino Pereira
25 Aug

Bulletin 234

  • President’s message
  • Secretary Report
  • Kionga and its Postage Stamp issue of 1916 : By Hilton Allison
  • Walter Mittleholzer : First seaplane across Africa (1926/27) : By Francis Rodrigues
  • Pico de Regalados and Villa Verde: Stories around two rivers in the Minho province of the north of Portugal : By Claudino Pereira
  • 1917’s Post Office strike : By Armando Teixeira da Rede
25 Aug

Bulletin 232

  • President’s message
  • Secretary Report
  • Paredes de Coura within ”The Coyra Region” and the river of the same name: By Claudino Pereira
  • Collecting Telegrams (Part III) : By Paulo Rui Barata
  • Rationalizing Straight Label Postal Stationary Catalogs : By Stephen Washburne
  • The riddle of the Cartolina paper in the Ceres series : By Jan Van Gerwen and Henk Ween
  • Cdr Hector Boyes, CMG, Military Order of Avis (Portugal) : By Alan Baker
25 Aug

Bulletin 231

  • President’s message
  • Secretary Report
  • Mozambique company Framed “0” Taxed Cover : By Les Glassman
  • SS Mozambique Liner: By Les Glassman
  • Melgaço : A Small Town in the River Minho, with Strong Women and High Mountains : By Claudino Pereira
  • Collecting Telegrams (Part II) : By Paulo Rui Barata
  • Europe and UK : By John swan
  • News : By John Swan


25 Aug

Bulletin 230

  • President’s Message
  • News
  • The Royal Mail line to Brazil and River Plate. Two letters carried by the steamship “Minho” (1875 and 1877) : By Luís Rocha
  • The Robbery: By Armando Teixeira da Rede
  • Terras de Bouro, the Serras and the National Park: By Claudino Pereira