01 Jan

Book on Portuguese colonial war

Guerra Colonial bookA new philatelic book was recently published in Portugal by the distinguished Portuguese Military Postal Historians, twin brothers Drs. Eduardo and Luis Barreiros. The book, “GUERRA COLONIAL 1961 – 1974: HISTÓRIA DO SERVIÇO POSTAL MILITAR” (Colonial War 1961 – 1974: History of the Military Postal Service) has superb in-depth and well researched information on the Colonial War History of its ex-colonies and is profusely illustrated with high quality images of real photographs and scans of postal history items, some of them very rare that belong to the author’s collection. The book has about 400 pages that deals with the postal history of the Portuguese colonial war in high detail, its postal services, cancels, civilian movements and the mail transport. It also lists all the  types used in colonial military mail, this being the first attempt by anyone to produce one such catalogue of military related aerogrammes. Both authors are active members of the Portuguese Philatelic Society, UK, and they can both be contacted via email regarding any queries or availability of this book.