27 Jul

Bulletin #202

The latest PPS bulletin has just been published. It contains some interesting reading:

  • President’s Message and a Cover
  • Editor’s Desk
  • Republished: Two Mocambique Crown Covers Sent Via Sea Post Office to Bombay (Dr Les Glassman)
  • Compliments of Errington & Martin (Ron van der Holt)
  • Midpex 2013: Warwickshire Exhibition Centre (John Swan)
  • Australia FIP World Stamp Exhibition: Melbourne 2013 (Dr. Les Glassman)
  • Portugal Lusíadas: A Colour Proof? (Ron van der Holt)
  • Mozambique – Correspondence to the Cape of Good Hope via Lisbon (Dr Elder Correia, Translated by Hal Reynolds)
  • The CCCC and Goa: Part One (Ron van der Holt)
  • Forthcoming Events, Exhibitions and Auctions
13 Jul

Midpex 2013

The bi-annual Midpex was held on July 6th at the Warwick Exhibition Centre, Warwickshire, UK. The PPS held its usual summer meeting where some pending 2013 AGM agenda matters were also discussed. It was a good event and everyone enjoyed the day, including two new members – Kenneth Mascarenhas and J Bourne – who joined the PPS on the day.

Midpex2013The photo shows Hon President Stephen Washburne (right) and Hon Secretary John Swan (left) conducting a meeting amongst attending PPS committee members.