27 Jul

Bulletin #202

The latest PPS bulletin has just been published. It contains some interesting reading:

  • President’s Message and a Cover
  • Editor’s Desk
  • Republished: Two Mocambique Crown Covers Sent Via Sea Post Office to Bombay (Dr Les Glassman)
  • Compliments of Errington & Martin (Ron van der Holt)
  • Midpex 2013: Warwickshire Exhibition Centre (John Swan)
  • Australia FIP World Stamp Exhibition: Melbourne 2013 (Dr. Les Glassman)
  • Portugal Lusíadas: A Colour Proof? (Ron van der Holt)
  • Mozambique – Correspondence to the Cape of Good Hope via Lisbon (Dr Elder Correia, Translated by Hal Reynolds)
  • The CCCC and Goa: Part One (Ron van der Holt)
  • Forthcoming Events, Exhibitions and Auctions

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