25 Apr

Bulletin 217

The April 2017 issue, in a new design, in full color and with a new PPS logo, has been sent to members. The table of content is:

  • President’s Message by Ron van der Holt
  • Editor’s Desk by Armando Teixeira da Rede
  • Secretary’s Announcements by John Swan
  • Portuguese Philatelic Society AGM, March 15th – 19th 2017  by John Swan
  • Earliest known use of 40c. brown Ceres stamp  by Francisco Luis Pimentel
  • Destination of a GB wrapper to Benguela, Angola: An early coastal and trading post by Dr. John K. Courtis FRPSL
  • The Daguin machine by Armando Teixeira da Rede
  • “By supplementary mail via Lisbon”  from 1905 to 1908 by António Abreu (translate by Hal Reynolds)
  • Portugal new issues 2017
  • The PPS history book and the bulletin slipcases