25 Apr

Bulletin 217

The April 2017 issue, in a new design, in full color and with a new PPS logo, has been sent to members. The table of content is:

  • President’s Message by Ron van der Holt
  • Editor’s Desk by Armando Teixeira da Rede
  • Secretary’s Announcements by John Swan
  • Portuguese Philatelic Society AGM, March 15th – 19th 2017  by John Swan
  • Earliest known use of 40c. brown Ceres stamp  by Francisco Luis Pimentel
  • Destination of a GB wrapper to Benguela, Angola: An early coastal and trading post by Dr. John K. Courtis FRPSL
  • The Daguin machine by Armando Teixeira da Rede
  • “By supplementary mail via Lisbon”  from 1905 to 1908 by António Abreu (translate by Hal Reynolds)
  • Portugal new issues 2017
  • The PPS history book and the bulletin slipcases
22 Feb

Bulletin 216

The January 2017 issue includes the George Pearson Literature Prize voting form, for members to choose their favourite article from issues 213–215. The table of content is:

  • President’s Message by Dave McIntyre
  • Editor’s Desk by Ron van der Holt
  • Exfilna 2016 Zaragoza, Spain by Dr. Les Glassman
  • Portuguese India, Vasco da Gama 1925 set  by Milind Kamat and Ron van der Holt
  • The Excitement of Unissued Postage Dues!  by Ron van der Holt
  • Local Overprints on Fiscal Issues by Ron van der Holt
  • A message from BArge in Germany by Michael Ehrig
  • Waving the Flag for Portuguese Philately by John Swan
  • PPS Auction Announcement (Saturday March 18th) by Roger Lawson
24 Dec

Library news

pps-libraryThe PPS librarian can help the PPS members also with information concerning general books, such as the “Higgins & Gage” catalogue. Please feel free to ask him if you have a question about (general) books and articles concerning the Portuguese philately. See the PPS bulletin or send him an email:  Frits van Beekum