18 Apr

Bulletins Index

The index of the over 1000 articles in bulletins 1-185 is now available online as a spreadsheet, to make it easy to sort articles by country, subject, author or issue, and to search for specific words in the article’s title. Finally, you can use the ‘Download as’ option in the ‘File’ menu to copy the spreadsheet to your computer in a variety of formats. To obtain past bulletins please contact the Editor.

16 Mar

Azores Postal Rates 1910-1940

Azores Postal RatesPPS member John Dahl is selling his collection of Azores Postal History at Ateneu’s forthcoming 61st auction. The collection is documented in three articles he wrote for the PPS bulletin. Click on the image on the right to read them. Note that due to the file size it may take some time for pages to appear.

11 Mar

Sample bulletin

Bulletin 183Bulletin 183, from October 2008, is now freely available as a sample issue, representative of the content and structure of current bulletins. Click on the image to view the issue. As you scroll down, it may take a while for individual pages to become visible.

Note that some pages were removed to reduce the file’s size and to preserve the society officer’s privacy.

25 Jan

Bulletin 208

Bulletin 208The January bulletin will be soon on its way to members. It contains 3 inserts: a postcard advertising Westpex 2015, information on the forthcoming PPS auction, and the voting form for the George Pearson Literature Prize, which you can also fill online further below. The bulletin’s content is:

  • President’s Message & An Unusual 1939 UK cover by Steve Washburne
  • CCCC Member Request by George Wu
  • Editor’s Desk by Ron van der Holt
  • Patience and Observation Rewarded by Ron van der Holt
  • Viana do Castelo Report by John Swan
  • Our Website by Michel Wermelinger
  • Research Query by Gerhard Lang
  • Postage Due Stamps of Portuguese India by Dave Davies
  • Forthcoming Events, Exhibitions and Auctions
22 Jan

2015 Pearson Prize

The George Pearson Literature Prize is awarded to the article that PPS members enjoyed the most in the preceding year’s bulletins . If you are a PPS member, you may use the form below to send your vote directly to the Secretary. Voting closes on 28th February. The prize will be presented at the AGM in March.

01 Nov

Bulletin 207

Bulletin 207The October bulletin’s content is:

  • President’s Message & Solving Rate Problems by Steve Washburne
  • Editor’s Desk by Ron van der Holt
  • Email Queries by Ian May
  • The Goan Christmas Lottery of 1959 by John Swan
  • Dr. Cheung Query
  • The Crown Types of Portuguese India: 1877-1883 by Dave Davies
  • Call for Auction Lots by Roger Lawson
  • Only Inbound: R.F. Ferrão by Ron van der Holt
  • Forthcoming Events, Exhibitions and Auctions
06 Aug

Bulletin 206

Bulletin 206The July bulletin’s content is:

  • President’s Message, 2016 Plans & Two Angola Puzzles by Steve Washburne
  • Editor’s Desk by Ron van der Holt
  • An Email Query by Max Smith
  • The Westpex Guest Society Policy by Clyde Homen
  • Viana de Castelo Announcement by John Swan
  • Stafford Stamp Show by John Swan
  • A Request by Joe Casey
  • The Blue Lagoon by John Swan
  • Three Queries by Ian May and Three Answers
  • An India Puzzle by Ron van der Holt et al.
  • A Query by Milind Kamat
  • Forthcoming Events, Exhibitions and Auctions
03 May

Bulletin 205

PPS Bulletin 205The April bulletin’s content is:

  • President’s Message, a Postal Card & a Reminiscence by Steve Washburne
  • Editor’s Desk by Ron van der Holt
  • 2014 AGM Report by John Swan, with contributions from the Honorary Officers
  • Update from BArge Portugal by Michael Ehrig
  • Stafford Stamp Show 2014 by John Swan
  • Three Queries by Ian May
  • Postal Service for Diamang by Elder Correia, translated by Hal Reynolds
  • Assessing the Stamp Collection by Ron van der Holt
  • Forthcoming Events, Exhibitions and Auctions
27 Jul

Bulletin #202

The latest PPS bulletin has just been published. It contains some interesting reading:

  • President’s Message and a Cover
  • Editor’s Desk
  • Republished: Two Mocambique Crown Covers Sent Via Sea Post Office to Bombay (Dr Les Glassman)
  • Compliments of Errington & Martin (Ron van der Holt)
  • Midpex 2013: Warwickshire Exhibition Centre (John Swan)
  • Australia FIP World Stamp Exhibition: Melbourne 2013 (Dr. Les Glassman)
  • Portugal Lusíadas: A Colour Proof? (Ron van der Holt)
  • Mozambique – Correspondence to the Cape of Good Hope via Lisbon (Dr Elder Correia, Translated by Hal Reynolds)
  • The CCCC and Goa: Part One (Ron van der Holt)
  • Forthcoming Events, Exhibitions and Auctions