09 Mar

New website

Welcome to the new PPS website, re-built and re-styled from scratch! I thank the previous Webmaster, João Paulo Cota, and the Treasurer, Francis Rodrigues, for their assistance in the handover process.

Being a British society related to Portugal, I chose a look based on the common colours of the Union Jack and the Portuguese flag: red, blue and white.

Over time, I will copy over the content of the old website and edit it to fit the new blog format, to remove old dead links, to make use of the features (like image galleries) of the new platform used (WordPress), etc. I will keep attribution of the past entries to the previous Webmaster.

If you spot any mistakes or omissions in any entry, please leave a comment in that entry. Note that your first comment will be moderated, to prevent spam. For comments or suggestions regarding the website in general, please contact me directly.

I hope you enjoy the new site and look forward to your contributions.

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